Can you reinforce knowledge, engage teams, and build culture without being boring? Yaaas!

We give you all you need to launch live trivia games to keep your people engaged.


Capturing attention from your people is hard in the best of times...

Now that we're all highly dispersed, training, reinforcing knowledge and creating fun is even harder. We're here to help you get information across, and ensure your people retain it with personalized, exciting & and memorable games.


Creates an event

Live and with players chat

Feedback at Scale

Scalable - small teams to 1000s of people

Ready to go

"Training is key, but assuring that employees and executives 'get it' is golden. Gamification allows us to keep important messages top of mind, and De Kabeza makes it fun and more memorable."


Daniel Nadborny, Partner CEO-Chile

“We love weekly trivia games to test our sales reps knowledge on new products, keep them focused on the training and connected to each other.”


Anna Forsberg, Manager

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