"De Kabeza's web-based platform makes it easy for everyone to play"
Create live events that people love and want to play again and again. We can show your team how to go live with your own custom content and host in minutes!

A changing workplace means we're not seeing each other much. Our games allow you to spread knowledge, bring entire companies and audiences together in fun, interactive way that reinforces knowledge. No awkward zoom calls required.
Here's what out games look like:

97% of players would play, even without a prize. The customizable platform makes gathering data and generating 20 minutes of undivided attention simple.
We'll help you launch! Here's how it works:

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Create Content

Add the questions and polls for the game on our web-based system. Just type & save.

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Pick your host

Hosts keep the game interesting and human. You can host or we can help you find one!

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Remember type & save? Well, to go live it's simply click & launch!

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