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We deliver 10-30 minutes of undivided attention for our customers per game. Engagement is proven through stats,

We remember experiences 9.5x better when we're actively participating vs. watching only.

Zero-Party Data

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We help you thrive and win in the consumer-first, cookie-less world. And it will be the companies, teams and brands that build their own proprietary sets of zero-party data that reign supreme.

Zero and first party data enable companies to connect with their audiences, fans and people directly. We'll help you open a powerful channel that keeps the relationship going.

Having fun releases dopamine which leads to positivity and can counteracts feelings negative feelings. We're not doctors, but we'll help insert way more fun into daily life.

73% of adults said fun helps their learning, and to remember an experience. We don't know who the other 27% are, but we'll stick with the majority opinion on this one.

We love to have a good time, and we're passionate about getting results.

Engaging your people is hard, leverage our existing framework for your people internally, during events, and for your partners. Ways our partners are getting ROI from our live trivia games:

Use Case: Events

Prove to sponsors and event organizers that your audiences are paying attention. Capital Factory had their audiences undivided attention for 25 minutes!

68% of visitors come to learn from experts, but their attention span is limited to 10 minutes. Don't lose them.

Watch full game here!

"Our events are now virtual and one of our biggest challenges is determining whether people are now engaged in them. De Kabeza's report showed us that people are actually paying attention, and everyone loves it."

- Joshua Bauer, Founder, Capital Factory
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Use case: Culture Building

Studies consistently link high engagement with increased productivity, retention and profitability. Keep your sales team sharp, ensure they know what they should and have fun doing it.

Repetition is key: we remember information 3x better when it's tested in small bursts vs. reading or studying.

"For our Real Time Engagement conference, we needed to walk the talk; De Kabeza’s games helped us do so!"

- Claudia Olivia, Head of Marketing & Events, Agora
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Use Case: Training

Studies consistently link high employee engagement with increased productivity, retention and profitability.

Create healthy competition amongst employees, recognize and reward the winners with acknowledgement!

"We were looking for solutions to ensure our team is up to date on the latest training weekly. This helps us get people closing faster."

- Gary Smith, VP Global Sales, Elastic
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Use case: Marketing

We know how challenging it is to capture and keep attention. Give your fans an experience they'll love, refer to their friends, and keep coming back to, while generating a real-time human connection, consumer insights and a repeatable framework.

"Our connections with consumers are usually one way, this is a way to make it a two way conversation and own the experience."

- Marco Handerman, Head of Innovation, Coca-Cola
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Ditch the same ol' tech and gamify your communications

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