About Us

We love the excitement of live games and saw the power to harness this at scale. We spend most of our time at work, and there are so many ways to make it better. We're using our decades of  experience of sales, tech & advertising to bring people together, capture attention, train teams & to make sure your people are engaged.

Our Mission

Make work fun by making communications interactive.

What does De Kabeza Mean?

De Kabeza means both "upside down" and "head on" in Spanish.  Our first client was the biggest one we could imagine. We moved from New York City to Mexico to build the company. Sometimes doing things a bit upside backwards and diving in head first just works. Kind of like making your team play games to improve their effectiveness.


Alana Kalin

Co-Founder, CEO

Norbi Zylberberg

Co-Founder, CMO

Nick Stone


Andrea Benita

Operations & Strategy

Naza Benuzio


Zack Irlbeck

Back End Engineer

Tori Walker

Front End Developer

Jaime Saba

BD, Production, Talent

Luis Castillo


Patrick Hiller

Co-Founder, Back End Engineer

Kerenza Chairez

Content Lead

Martin Dickens

Engineering Lead

Nayla Zylberberg


Mia Park

BD Intern

JC Turrell


Carolina Risso


Luisa Baldo