About Us

After years of working at agencies and emerging media platforms, we knew there was a better way to capture attention digitally than with banner ads or 3D AR monsters. We were searching for a way to delight, bring people joy and bring people together; we couldn't fit it, so we created De Kabeza.

Live games have been played since humans have existed; we're just bringing the capability to the 21st century in a way that includes everyone as a participant.
We're also huge Jeopardy fans, and there's something SO satisfying about actually getting a question right (and winning!), vs. shouting an answer at the TV.

We harnessed years of sales, tech & advertising experience to create a platform that's easy to use, flexible and keeps everyone's attention again and again

What does De Kabeza Mean?

De Kabeza has a few meanings in Spanish. Even though we're from the US, UK and Argentina, much of our team is in Mexico, because...why not? "Heads on" is the most relevant - since it's the way we tackle challenges, like replacing rote memorization & powerpoint presentations with fun & effective games. "De Cabeza" also means "upside down", which forces you to look at things differently.


Alana Kalin

Co-Founder, CEO

Norbi Zylberberg

Co-Founder, CMO

Nick Stone


Andrea Benita

Operations & Strategy

Naza Benuzio


Zack Irlbeck

Back End Engineer

Tori Walker

Front End Developer

Jaime Saba

BD, Production, Talent

Luis Castillo


Patrick Hiller

Co-Founder, Back End Engineer

Kerenza Chairez

Content Lead

Martin Dickens

Engineering Lead

Nayla Zylberberg


Mia Park

BD Intern

JC Turrell


Carolina Risso


Luisa Baldo